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31.03.2016 20:01

Скачать Villagers Update v1.005 - BAT торрент

Год выпуска: 2016
Язык интерфейса: RUS/ENG/MULTi
Версия: Update v1.005
Релиз-группа: BAT
Требуемая версия: Villagers (Avanquest Software Publishing Ltd) (RUS/ENG/MULTi6) [L] - RELOADED


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Список изменений
Changelog of v1.005 


- Millers will now find grain from storages.
- Profession of dead and aged Villagers will now be shown after the name in parenthesis.
- Raincatchers can now be built at the very beginning of chapter 4 without affecting the completion of the tasks.
- Some problems with the warehouser have been fixed.
- The farm, fields and farmers will now work as they should. Those lazy bastards!
- Farmers will no longer plant crops outside of the field bounds.
- Villagers will no longer be in fear of moving in certain houses. But Villagers without partners will still only move into houses once they find a partner.
- Pregnant Villagers will no longer have late deliveries, ergo no "Pregnancy! -3 days" messages will be shown anymore.
- Villagers have more fun in the bedroom now. Reproduction should be increased.
- Fixed several issues causing stuck Villagers, not moving Villagers, starving to death Villagers and the quick changing of seasons breaking the game.
- Babies will no longer die of mysterious reasons.
- In rare cases, old Villagers died when loading a savegame. This is now fixed.
- The border indicating a new field will now stay active until the field is tilled.
- Fields will now be correctly covered in snow.
- In rare cases, the warehousers were stealing items right out of the hands of other Villagers. We stopped this trickery!
- Barn animals will now start reproducing with the first animal. This should be less confusing.
- Chapter 4: Raincatcher problems and soldier problems should be fixed.
- Chapter 2: Bugs keeping some players from progressing should be fixed.
- Merchants will now keep coming. The big ogre keeping the merchants from visiting your town has been removed.
- Achievements will now trigger when playing on the same machine with multiple accounts.
- The barn balancing has been improved. You'll love the chickens again!
- Added V-Sync toggle to the graphics options.
- Children following their parents should no longer starve to death.
- Removing fields will now work as intended and existing crops will now be removed as well.
- Changed the field's "harvest prematurely" button to a progression indicator. The button had no meaning in the current version of the game.
- Fixed localization of some texts in the barn window. 

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